STARK PLUG BOOK ebook version

Greetings COMIX readers! Finally STARK PLUG is available as an e-BOOK! Yes, that means it will look nice on your phone, tablet, or personal computer. Actually, it really does look nice on your phone. Download it to your personal electronic device and take it where ever you go; on the bus, at the coffee shop, or on the toilet!

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  1. Visionary graphics abound! Tall tales from the mind of Chap, the maestro behind Stark Plug, the ne’r do well everyman who might not conquer the world but will certainly capture your heart. This book is replete with innovation in comic design, and beautifully crafted drawings. There is a great flow of energy from page to page reflecting an enlightening juxtapositional sense. The stories roam raucously as the characters evolve. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the picaresque adventures of Stark Plug, a hapless hero for the ages.

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